The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Teaching your kids to hate

I took these pictures off of this web site.

This drives me crazy.

Parents took their kids to protest the marriages in New York. It was pretty much a hate rally.

They are teaching their children to discriminate. And to hate.

It is no coincidence that most of the pictures on the web site are kids of color. The point is that their parents have faced discrimination, and now have some degree of protection from discrimination (although institutional discrimination still is prevalent), yet they think it is OK to teach bigotry to their kids?

Do you really want to teach your child that it is worse for me to love somebody and to commit my life to being with that person than it was for that man to murder the young Jewish boy and cut him up?

Do you realize that this is what makes people like Steve Mullins and Charles Butler think its OK to murder someone like Billy Jack Gaither in 1999 in Sylacauga, AL; or Chris Gaines and Robert Porter and Nichole Kelsay to murder Scotty Joe Weaver in 2004 in Baldwin county, AL.

Father, what if this child is gay?

These women took this child by the hand and are see nothing wrong with showing him how to discriminate.

Like I said, it just bothers the stew out of me to see people teaching their children to hate. This is 2011. We should love one another.

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Barry Tilles said...

Like bringing children to an Occupy rally or bringing kids up as a Muslim. If one takes a principled stand, it does not only apply to those with conservative or Christian values. If you show your children that there are two sides to an issue, you won't be surprised later in life (teen years) when they rebel.