The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, October 22, 2010

The good news (and an endorsement)

Hey, good news. The lawsuit challenging Ken Gulley's residency was dismissed yesterday afternoon. I wonder how many more frivolous lawsuits will be filed before he's sworn in.

A reader left a comment that I found interesting.

The irony is that Jessie Burrell is Gaston Randall's mother. Gaston ran for City Council in Bessemer using his office as his home address - he really lived in Lipscomb, where he later ran and became a city council person (forced from office due to scandal). I never heard her say anything about Gaston. In fact, her political action group, the Voter's League, actually endorsed Gaston in that election. This is the same group (Burrell, Dudley, McAdory, et al)that were supporters of Ed May.
At least they are providing some comedy in a city that really needs to lighten up a bit.

In other election news the race for Ag commissioner is not too exciting. Let me say this, though, we've had a good one, that being Ron Sparks. He's right when he tells us that his history of expanding markets for our agricultural products indicates he has the experience necessary for talking with foreign interests and such in bringing business to the state. So, yes, vote for Ron Sparks for governor.

And speaking of governor, what is with Bob Riley wanting to increase unemployment in the state again by closing Indian casinos. What kind of legacy is he trying to create? Hey, cowboy Bob, Indian casinos are regulated by Federal law. Send your task force in there and let's see what happens.

But I'm interested in the race to replace Sparks as Ag commissioner. Democrat Glen Zorn is running against Republican John McMillan. Zorn has been assistant commissioner of Agriculture. McMillan has served in the legislature.

A letter writer in the Birmingham News today gave an endorsement for Zorn.

Zorn will not need any on the job training. He is an able administrator, a fiscal conservative and proven public servant.

The other day John McMillan was a guest on the Lee Davis talk radio show. They had talked about some agriculture programs at Auburn, and Davis asked if there were any other ag programs in the state, such as at junior colleges or tech schools. McMillan replied that he didn't know. And he wants to be Ag Commissioner? Hint, there are. Horticulture programs are just one example.

Here's an interview with Zorn where he covers the issues important to Alabama.

And here's his ad. "Zorn. Glen Zorn."

Visit Glen Zorn's web site here.

Vote for Glen Zorn for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries.

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