The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, May 10, 2010

It doesn't matter, stop whispering

President Obama has nominated Solicitor General and former Harvard Law School Dean, Elena Kagan to replace liberal Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court.

(Lions and tigers and bears, oh my)

There have been whispers about her sexual orientation, and remarks range from Ben Domenich, “I have to correct my text here to say that Kagan is apparently still closeted — odd, because her female partner is rather well known in Harvard circles,” to Sam Stein writing “The White House reacted strongly to the assertion, relaying that Kagan is, in fact, straight."

(Lions and tigers and bears, oh my)

More important than her sexual orientation are her views on sexual orientation. The Human Rights Campaign issued a statement, saying “The U.S. Supreme Court decides cases that intimately affect the lives of all Americans. We are confident that Elena Kagan has a demonstrated understanding and commitment to protecting the liberty and equality of all Americans, including LGBT Americans.”

Some progressives are saying she is not far enough to the left, that her confirmation will move the court further to the right, especially on the issues of executive (presidential) power and (Bush-Cheney view of) war.

My view is that Obama knows her views on the issues and that during the vetting process he determined that she has beliefs similar to his. One cannot expect a president to nominate someone who has views greatly dissimilar to their own (although they sometimes do).

People for the American Way just released a statement and said "We look forward to finding out more about this nominee and sharing our take with you."

I look forward to learning more about her too. And you can be assured that I will share my take with you also.

Here's a little song by Vertigo Smyth, "Comfort Me."

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