The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Attorney General and SDEC

Here are some more endorsements and a recommendation.

For Attorney General, there are three good candidates in the Democratic Primary. Of the three, Michel Nicrosi comes across as the most qualified and made the best case for herself. Here's a video from the recent Madison County Democratic Reunion, recorded and provided by Left in Alabama.

Nicrosi is an experienced prosecutor and she will be able to make a fine case when she runs against the experienced lobbyist in November.

Races for which I am not making an endorsement include Jefferson County Sheriff and County Commission races or State School Board.

On the proposed Constitution Amendment (which would allow members of the propane gas industry to finance promotion programs) vote No. Not that the members of that industry should not be able to levy an assessment on themselves for promotion, but because we are sick and tired of having to vote on an amendment for every little action that an organization or local government wants to take. Sorry propane gas folks, your amendment just came up at the wrong time. Help us to get a new constitution and then maybe you won't have to be asking the people of Bessemer (and the rest of the state) if you can promote your own industry.


Many of you will see these races on your ballot and have no idea of who to vote for or what the position is. The State Democratic Executive Committee is composed of representatives from each house district, a male and a female from each. They do not have to be, and probably should not be, your elected house member.

They compose the governing body of the Alabama Democratic Party. In Bessemer, these positions will be...well, Grover Dunn is running unopposed for the male position, and his wife Priscilla Dunn is being challenged by Marjorie McAdory. The Dunns will win this. I don't know Marjorie.

Here are three seats for which I know the people running and make these recommendations.
Ralph Young - SDEC # 46 male
Stephen Light - SDEC #47 male
Jacquelyn Manner - SDEC # 60 female

These are progressive candidates, and the Democratic Party of Alabama is slowly, but surely becoming progressive.

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