The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Security does not come without a cost

The following was written by a friend of mine, who gave me permission to reprint it here.

Recently, a few of our leaders have called for "war taxes" to help support our soldiers in the field and their efforts in the two wars in which our nation is involved. Typically, most of us don't like taxes but we as Americans should stand behind those calling for such taxes because by so doing we will provide vital support for our soldiers who are serving, on our behalves, in dangerous places to defend our nation.

George Bush should have initiated those taxes when we went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq (instead he cut taxes) and Barack Obama and all Americans, particularly those who are for military action in these two regions, should be for them.

We say we are for our military. We say we want to defend America. We say we appreciate all who are sacrificing to defend our nation from enemies domestic and abroad. We say we want to stand by our soldiers who have paid painful sacrifices on our behalves. But when we are asked to make a personal sacrifice to help pay for the cost of all of that we say "No!"

What hypocrites we are.

Yes, I know we've got to pay for our groceries and housing and car repairs and medical care. Those are necessary. But are we willing to do without that 50" TV - or 60 to 300 channels of cable TV - or going out to eat two or three times a week - or upgrading our computer to something with all the bells and whistles - or taking a cheaper vacation - or making our car last longer? Are we willing to sacrifice some of the "comforts" of our lives to pay for what we declare that we are for? Or are we going to pass those bills on to our children and grandchildren?

Shame on us! Shame on our leaders! Paying taxes, particularly those that provide for the vital and essential defense of our nation, is an act of patriotism!

Richard B. Hanna


lipscomb bohemian said...

i will agree with all you say of our responsibility for paying taxes if we are going to stay in this so called war
we dont need to be there at all. there is nothing whatsoever to win. we nor the rest of the world will be no safer after 2 more ...or even more...years over there. we have already killed more innocent people than enemy...what kind of deal is that.there is more but that will suffice.

Anonymous said...

Almost all of the taxes I contribute for the rest of my life will be used to pay for these wars.
How about some "education taxes?"

Anonymous said...

There's a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll out. The numbers are grim for Democrats and Barack Obama.

In the poll, Obama's approval has dropped below 50% (to 47%); his party faces its first net-negative fav/unfav since Sept. 2007

Looking ahead to next year’s midterms, Democrats enjoy only a two-point advantage on the generic ballot, 43%-41%, which is their smallest edge on this question since 2004.

So....there is HOPE AFTERALL!!!!