The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

We have a new president. If you have followed this blog at all, you don't need me re-hashing policy differences or the new direction we will be moving in.

You don't need me to dissect the president's speech.

You don't need me to tell you that Rick Warren's prayer was lack-luster, but that Joseph Lowery's prayer ended with a bang.

"We ask you to help us work for that day
When Black would not be asked to get back,
When Brown can stick around,
When Yellow will be mellow,
When the Red man can get ahead, man,
And when White will embrace what is right."

But you may not know this. There is a drive on to have the president create a new cabinet position: Secretary of the Arts.

A Secretary of the Arts would further legitimize America’s place in Art History and in the international dialog through the many disciplines of art - a language itself. People yearn for arts & culture and if they don’t, most are missing out on education, exposure, self-expression, & a creative outlet for internal strife versus unconstructive outlets that are too often used in our society. Production of art can be both a creative & an intellectual pursuit. Exposure to art has numerous benefits, one being for society as a whole to be elevated. Let’s put an arts leader in the Cabinet to start measuring up to other governments’ commitments to arts & culture.

Read the rest at the link. Sign the petition here. I am number signature number 159466.

On Sunday, Quincy Jones was asked about serving in that position, should it be created. Well of course he would.

Speaking of Arts, how about the Queen of Soul today. Let Freedom Ring, Aretha! You are likely to see replays of the Speech and the Oath, but here is a replay of the Song. Nice hat, too. This was posted by a guy in Germany.

There is something about this new direction that is inspiring musical artists to give us their very best. We saw that on Sunday, Monday and now Tuesday.

Now, let's go watch the parade.


Anonymous said...

Let's see, Obama flubbed the Oath of Office, the Lowery 'prayer' was a modified Civil Rights speech, Aretha and that hat...OMG...sounded terrible, but we'll give her a pass b/c the arrangement was above her voice range and the weather was cold.

But the Low-light of the day was when Obama supporters singing "Nah, nah, nah, nah...hey, hey...goodbye" when W came out

Come on Joe, even you MUST ADMIT that that was in VERY POOR TASTE. Even if you hate Bush, it's like he said a week or so ago - The office of president is more important than the one who holds it. This showed a complete lack of respect for the office of President. I was embarrassed for our country.

On a positive note, I DID like Obama's speech and PRAY that he can come through with pulling us out of the financial mess we find ourselves in.

Anonymous said...

If I hear AT more time...I'm gonna scream.

Joe said...

The flub was Chief Justice John Roberts, not Obama, there's nothing wrong with Civil Rights, and Aretha was right on target.

Yes, treating the former president with disrespect yesterday was in poor taste. I have refrained from that kind of rhetoric over the last few days, as I knew it would not be productive at a time when we need to be coming together.

That was a small minority of the people there, however, and it was to be expected.

But I am so glad that you listened to the Presidents speech and liked it. There's hope for our community (and nation)yet! Yes, he needs the prayers of all Americans.

John, start screaming.

Anonymous said...

Who picked out that HAT?!

Anonymous said...

tompit Just be glad it was cold or she might have worn this.