The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Crisis in Gaza

David Gespass, an attorney in Birmingham, who many of us know, had an editorial printed in Sunday's Birmingham News titled Factor Human Rights into Gaza Crisis.

David, of course is Jewish and has a good understanding of Jewish and Israeli history. So he is correct when he says "What is happening today is that Israel is engaged in a brutal and illegal assault on the Palestinian people in Gaza."

David's article was written before Israel bombed (near) a U. N. school in Gaza which was being used to shelter hundreds of Palestinians who had already been displaced by Israel's bombings. The assault killed at least 30 Palestinians, "tearing bodies apart and staining streets with blood."

Israel has also bombed two other schools and a health center for refugees.

15,000 Palestinians are sheltering in U. N. schools, and the U. N. has provided GPS coordinates for the schools to the Israeli military.

The bombing of the school has led to outcries from across the world against Israel's actions, and hopefully the 3 hour truce which Israel said they would allow will provide an opportunity for supplies and medical care to get to those who need it. But three hours is not enough. Not when your very actions are violating human rights.

David points out two violations by Israel of fundamental principles of international law.

  • It is illegal to impose collective punishment on an entire population for the acts of a few.

  • Any military attack must be in reasonable proportion to the provocation. Few Israelis have died from the Hamas rockets, yet Israel has killed hundred of Palestinian civilians.

David also points out that the United States is the principle enabler of Israel and suggests that the American people protest. But I doubt protests will do any good as long as W is still hanging around the White House. At least Obama has broken his silence on the issue.

Can we wait two weeks? Can Gaza wait two weeks?

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Christine McIntosh said...

It's a small crumb, though - isn't it? Is there a groundswell of American revulsion about what's happening to the Palestinians? Do you see street stalls selling stuff and collecting money to send there? (As I did today, in a major shopping street in central Glasgow)