The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Won the Bet

I am changing comment moderation back to where anyone can comment. For a while anyway. My rules still apply. For those who don't know the rules, well, if you break them, your comment will not be published, and then you can try to figure out which rule you broke. I might even give you a hint.

On June 19 in the comments to this post I wrote:

"... I support progressive views, Jones supports conservative views. In presidential politics, that is Obama v. McCain. Let's see what the Bessemer precinct totals show us in November. I will wager that Obama receives more votes than McCain in Bessemer."

This was in response to an anonymous "former elected official in Bessemer" who claimed huge support for Dale Jones and to an ongoing dialogue pitting conservative values against progressive values.

So who won the wager?

These totals may not be complete, but its what I had sent to me by Jeff Hanson of The Birmingham News, who wrote this article describing why Democrats won in Jefferson County.

At 9 precincts in Bessemer, Obama totalled 8694 and McCain 4485. In other words, 66% of voters in Bessemer favored the progressive, Democrat candidate over the conservative, Republican candidate.

McCain prevailed at Canaan Baptist (1718 to 667) and Muscoda precinct 5602 (212 to 22).

Obama carried Bessemer City Hall (1005 to 181), Dunbar Abrams (1620 to 10), Fire Station #5 (888 to 108), Jonesboro (1717 to 824), Lawson State (1960 to 1024), Muscoda precinct 5603 (373 to 267), and Thomson Manor (742 to 141).

Thompson Manor is where I vote, and in my upcoming Western Tribune column I will let you know what went on there on election day. It wasn't pretty.

But, back to my point. Bessemer is full of good, progressive voters.

Thank you Bessemer for helping Barack Obama carry Jefferson County!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe. I assume you are home safe and sound from Las Vegas. I will be interested to read about the voting at Thomson Manor. I took my mother to vote there she was treated rusely by other voters. Congrats on winning your bet. -- Susan F

Joe said...

Hey Susan,
Yes, we are back. Tomorrow I will post something about that trip that irks me to no end.

Always something to look forward to, huh?


Drew said...

Thomson Manor is where I vote! Because I did not accept an obama flyer at the entrance I was cursed and called very ugly racial slurs when I left the place. Those people have no idea who I voted for but made assumptions based on my skin color! I guess that goes with the territory.

Joe said...

Your experience is one of the things I wrote about for my column.

Thanks for sharing.

The attitudes of those in Bessemer are, fortunately, not the attitude of those in Washington.

Drew said...

Well, it's not just at the polls! When people who work for me asked who I voted for, I told them! They followed with questions like, "Are you prejudiced" and "you got something against a black man as president"? I know ALL people who voted for obama are NOT as ignorant just ALL those I have spoken to. I asked them why they voted for him and they said "we need a black man as president" or "my preacher told me to"! It's not enough that you have different beliefs but you have to hate black people if you disagree with's really sad! One co-worker(black republican) said it best. Us black folks can't use the excuse "the man is holding us down" anymore because THE MAN is black!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I took my mother to vote in Lipscomb. She was treated very nicely as she cast her vote for McCain. I was curious about the sign posted on the wall that said you had 4 minutes to cast your vote or you would be asked if you needed assistance. If no assistance was needed, then you would be allowed another minute. Hello! what was that about? Thankfully she knew what she was doing and apparently was within the time limit. But it makes me wonder what kind of assistance she would have received.

I just wish so many didn't vote the straight democratic ticket. Many good Bessemer Republicans were voted out in favor of far less qualified people.