The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Call For Action

Protests against California's Prop 8 are scheduled for Saturday across the nation, including in Birmingham. More information below.

In Los Angeles there is a popular Mexican restaurant named El Coyote Cafe. You remember, Sharon Tate ate her last meal there. A very popular place with the trendy and the gays.

But…oops…the owner, Marjorie Christoffersen, (a Mormon), gave $100 to Yes on 8. Some had called for a boycott, and Margie offered a free lunch to explain her position. The place was packed. An employee stated that “89 people would be affected by this boycott” and someone yelled out “18,000 families have already been affected.”

Then it got ugly. Really ugly.

Here are the people from Alabama who contributed to Proposition 8. (It’s easy to get information these days). It’s hard to tell where these people might work but I would suggest, if you live in those towns, that you not support their businesses, knowing that your money supports hatred and inequality.


JOHN ENSLEN $100 WETUMPKA AL 36092 Support



WALTER MORGAN $600 MOBILE AL 36609 Support

Total contributions against equality from Alabama...$1100.

Donations to preserve equality from Alabama totaled $2400, including my own, a fellow blogger and 13 other fair minded individuals.

I also discovered that a Phil Openshaw (DDS) of Hughson, California contributed $2500 and Rachelle Openshaw of Isari Flower Studio in San Diego contributed $100 to support inequality. To my knowledge, there is no relation.

Then, Wednesday night a huge protest occurred in New York near the Manhattan Mormon Temple. 15,000 people it was estimated.

"Gay, Straight, Black, White, Marriage is a Civil Right"

The passage of Prop 8 is a bellwether for gay equality, possibly equal in effect to the Stonewall Riot in September 1969. It is motivating the GLBT community across the nation to action. With the presidential election over, there is a lot of energy still out there waiting to be tapped.

So there are supposed to be protests nationwide, including Birmingham, Dothan and Mobile. Exact locations for any state or city can be found here. I don't see anything (yet) on Central Alabama Pride's web site, but I would hope they would take this up.

In Birmingham the protest is scheduled for in front of City Hall, quite appropriate seeing how Larry Langford is so anti-gay. Protests in central time zone cities should be at 12:30 PM, to coordinate with protests across the nation. Please spread this information to GLBT supporters, and let's have as big a crowd as we had at Pride this year.


Ben Mason said...

why aren't you protesting in bessemer? the mormons have a church on 9th avenue.

Joe said...

If we could get enough people to protest here, we would. I will wait and see what kind of response it seems we are getting.

Trey said...

I'll be there with the kids.

It looks like Marjorie is the owner's daughter, in which case, I wonder if the boycott is justified, assuming that the owner roundly denounces her daughter's actions and opinion. The movement needs to maintain level-headedness in the context of high emotions.

That being said, the boycott is fully justified if the owner fails to decisively distance herself from her daughter's support of prop 8.

Anonymous said...

Contact information and some more background on Vicki Petters here:

Anonymous said...

How do our friends in Mobile feel about the contributions totalling $600 made in support of the proposition from Walter Morgan/SDT Incorporated? SDT is apparently a telecommunications contractor in Fairhope.