The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Won't you be my gaybor?

It's a beautiful day in the gayborhood...

Wanted: Gay (or gay-friendly progressive) home buyers who are interested in: A. Preservation and Restoration of Historic Homes; B. Working to have South Bessemer designated a historic neighborhood; C. promoting Diversity and Equality in Bessemer.

Here are some of the homes in South Bessemer that are for sale. Some of these homes have been restored, some have been partially updated, and some need a good amount of work. Contact me to obtain the addresses of the homes.

This is the Honeycutt House. It's 100 years old! Built c. 1910, it is a front gabled bungalow with a full-facade recessed front porch.

This is the Leckie House, built c. 1912, altered to become an airplane bungalow. I think it has been divided into apartments, but could be restored to single family.

The Harper House, built c. 1922, is a side-gabled bungalow. There have been some changes to this house, but I don't know much about it.

The Trotter-Sweatman House was built c. 1904. It is a good example of an American Foursquare house. Distinguishing characteristics are the paneled frieze band under the eaves extending around the house and the windows with upper sash border muntins. Two prominent Bessemer families occupied the house until 1972. Legend says the house is still occupied by a ghost of one of the Trotters. Our house harbors a ghost as well.

The T. W. Huey House was built c. 1928. It is a one story buff-brick bungalow with an enclosed projecting porch. The terrace leading to the entry is interesting, as is the decoration of the gables, lined with dentil blocks and containing lunette vents along the peaks.

This is the Harris-Woodrow House, built in 1913. It is a hip-roofed bungalow with interesting windows and a porch with nice columns. I don't know much about this house.

I love this house. The Read House, built c. 1915, is a cross-gabled Craftsman bungalow with a full-facade and wrapping projecting porch. Look at the stylized buttresses supporting the porch roof and the projecting entry bay with the double door and transom and sidelights. I think this house was divided into apartments in 1975. Again, if so, could be converted to single-family.

So, those are the current listed houses for sale. I know there are others but they don't have signs out front and I am hesitant to "advertise" them on this blog.

Now is the time to be looking and buying in Bessemer. You wont get a better deal on a Historic Home, and right now both prices and interest rates are low. After the election we will have a new mayor*, and look for support (in words if not more) for neighborhood development. Home values will rise. Now is the time to buy.

And if you call a realtor, tell them you saw the house on Bessemer Opinions.
* The lawsuit challenging mayoral Candidate Ken Gulley has been dismissed. This is what I would call a lulupalooser of a decision, because it now allows the Gulley canpaign to resume its focus on the issues at hand, rather than having to fend off an effort to keep Bessemer from moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Joe! There are beautiful homes there. And the prices can't be beat.