The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tomorrow's election

Tomorrow is primary runoff election day.

Turnout will be low. Very low.

Some Democrats will be switch hitting.

That is why it is so important for you to go to your voting place and ask for Democratic ballot and vote. Here are the recommendations for the progressive Jefferson County and Jefferson county - Bessemer Cutoff voters.

All video and audio is by Left in Alabama.



Attorney General - Giles Perkins

"The only progressive in the race."

Federal District

AL-07 - Terri Sewell

Still refuting the lies spread by her opponent.

But there is more to Terri. Listen to her talk at the West End town hall meeting, about what we need to do, and how we can get it done. "Investing in human capital." Opening the doors so that "all of us have those opportunities."

Plus, hear what those in the community say about her.

And she does a good "Shirley Chisholm".

State District

56 - Claire Mitchell

I have personally spoken with Claire and she is the most progressive, and remember, her opponent voted against constitutional reform and when I asked him about it, his answer was not satisfactory.

County Commission

District 2 - Gary Richardson

District 3 - Ron Yarbrough

Jefferson County

Circuit Court Place 12 (Bessemer cutoff) - Annetta Verin

Judge Verin's opponent has some ethics issues that are being looked in to. Plus, there are people in Bessemer who are recommending voting for him for precisely the wrong reason. I won't name names, but it might be the usual suspects.

Circuit Court Place 17 (Remainder of county) - Nicole "Nikki" Still

Circuit Court Place 23 (Remainder of county) - Denise J. Pomeroy

Sheriff - Willie Hill

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