The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, February 19, 2010


Tiger Woods is speaking to a hand full of hand picked reporters now. He chooses the middle of the Olympics to bring back up an episode that we had been able to forget.

Good timing or bad timing?

A young person close to me was listening as Tiger was talking about being a role model for young people out of concern that his infidelity would drive young people away from golf. But this person said that he might have just made a boring sport more interesting to many young people, and the sport might grow rapidly.

The deal to use stimulus money to build the Norfolk Southern intermodal hub in McCalla is being announced today or soon. Cynics say its just a ploy to prop up the stimulus (for which there is tons of evidence if they would just take the time to look).

Good timing or bad timing for the announcement?

Actions speak louder than words, as the republicans say, regarding the stimulus.

Speaking of the stimulus and the economy you have probably seen this graph, but if you are a republican you may have ignored it. Its a chart of job losses during the Bush and Obama years.

Notice the trend. So jobs were trending "loss" during the previous administration, and are trending "gain" during the current administration.

Republicans either ignore the truth, bend the truth, or make up the truth to promote their "Waterloo" agenda. Decent Americans respect the truth.

Olympic Update

Not really, just a couple of photos.

Johnny Weir may have been robbed a little in scoring, but he has a style unlike any other male figure skater.

I made a comment last night that maybe he was just a little too flamboyant for the judges and the same young person reminded me that this was male figure skating. Enough said. But congratulations to Evan, gold medal winner! And Johnny, we love you!!!

This is for those of you who said curling offers nothing, including no good lookers.

Canadian curler John Morris

There is some concern among readers both in the comments and in person that I will not be able to live up to my Lenten promise. Here is part of my strategy.

During the Olympics I am not watching Keith or Rachel or Bill O or Glenn or listening to Rush. I get my news from the newspaper and from the news shows, mainly channel 13 for local and NBC for national. So I miss a lot of the worthless chatter (of which I realize I am a part) that most people don't hear anyway.

When the Olympics are over I'm not sure what I will do. Maybe keep watching regular news and turn the TV off and read like they did in the 1940's or watch more "Cougar Town" and "Modern Family " and "Amazing Race."

It's all part of the new and improved Joe.


Javi said...

I am officially a big fan of curling, and I am rooting for Canada!

Joe said...

I wish we had curling down here. And the announcer just said that often beer is involved in recreational curling. Nice.

Madison said...

Just a note so that you are aware and can accurately defend the job-loss graph you posted:

I can't find the post now but a blogger somewhere pointed out that graph doesn't show gains in jobs or anything like that. It looks nice but it just shows a decreasing rate of job loss in Obama's term. Or, the number of jobs lost in total might continue to go up, but the number of jobs lost per month has decreased during Obama's term. Andrew Sullivan's blog linked to the blog post I was referring to earlier, if you want to try to look it up.

J said...

I haven't watched local TV news in years, and started skipping national TV news before that. If it isn't in the newspaper or on NPR (or Besemer Opinions, of course(!)), I guess I don't hear about it. As for the commentary shows, I suppose I'm, comfortable enough forming my own opinion that I don't need to have someone else validate it for me. Life is much simpler now.

Scott Huminski said...

Police State video,