The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, February 18, 2010

39 days

Lent has begun, and I have decided to give up...

We've already been eating healthier and exercising, giving up the slovenly lifestyle. But that happened a while back. Heck, it wasn't even a New Year's resolution, it began around Halloween.
I wanted to give up laundry, but it's just been one day and there are three loads waiting already.

No, it's going to be abstinence, of a sort. I am going to abstain from snarky criticism of political figures.

Now that doesn't mean I will not be reporting on and setting things straight on issues.

But no Sarah Palin, Bob Riley, Jeff Sessions, Michael Steel, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck criticism by me.

My son and my partner say I can't do it.

39 days. I'm counting.

These first couple of weeks will be easy. I'm avoiding lots of issues while I watch and focus on the Olympics. How 'bout that run by Lindsey Vonn as she won the women's downhill by .56 seconds.

Here's a recap video of the day's medals for the US and others.

Men's figure skating long program tonight. Maybe Johnny won't get robbed like the other night.

I'm almost as excited as Buck (What the Buck) reporting on the Olympics, I try to watch every minute. Well, not as much caffiene here, but even curling, love it!


lipscomb bohemian said...

i think ill give up lent.
you gotta hard row to hoe with yours joe.
i might should stay away a while.
i just couldnt catch on to curling..i couldnt make it fun ...or...exciting...and there were no pretty athletes

Ben Mason said...

Joe, You'll never make it. They're coming to get you and you will have to fire back. LOL! Nice thought, though.

Carol said...

Good luck Joe, I'm giving up meat.

jeffro said...

Can we get this promise notarized and signed before at least 5 people? Haha, good luck, for lent im giving up beer for 40 days :(

Joe said...

Carol that seems difficult and Jeff yours seems the hardest. Lol we will all need help