The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Western Tribune Column 8-12-09 Town Halls

“Sometimes I get a little frustrated.” Those were President Obama’s words in response to a health care question at an AARP sponsored event, before the staged disruptions at such events began to take over the headlines.

I’m with the president, but I get more than “a little frustrated.” I mean, I have a personal stake in the matter, as do almost all other Americans who have private or employee funded health insurance, or no insurance at all.

We have seen our premiums rise and medical costs rise and have also seen rankings which place American health care at number 37, behind such countries as Dominica and Costa Rica.

So when I see staged disruptions at Town Hall events where representatives are trying to discuss the issues, I get frustrated. When I consider that these protesters are fighting to keep us at number 37 in the world, and to keep our premiums rising while insurance company bureaucrats make medical decisions that help their bottom lines, I get more frustrated. But when I see these same protesters holding signs equating our president to Hitler or the Joker (from the Batman series) or holding up the Bible, well then I get angry.

I don’t support mixing religion and government and I think that using the Bible in the fight against universal health care is laughable. What would Jesus do? I hardly think he would sit in an office and direct health care providers to deny coverage for certain people to increase company profits, which is what your insurance company does now.

The protesters argue that the president is promoting a single payer system. This just shows their ignorance, because he is not, but if he did, would it not be similar to the system in place that provides health coverage for our seniors? We should demand that these protesters opt out of Medicare when they turn 65, if they are so opposed to government run healthcare. Or perhaps they should look at the Veterans Administration which provides for our service members when they return, often for life. Do these same people advocate doing away with the VA, which is pretty much socialized medicine?

Look at some of the countries ranked above us in health care. No one, including citizens of those countries or Americans living there, wants to trade what they have for American style health care.

So debate the issues, yes, but use facts, not lies.

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