The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, February 12, 2010

Prodigal Sons and A/X ads

Today begins the Great Backyard Bird Count. Get out your checklists. birds are easy to spot in the snow. Oh wait. Misled again, it seems. Maybe we'll still see some. But we know we will see birds.

You can count birds today, tomorrow, Sunday, and/or Monday.

Prodigal Sons

Well Oprah was not off base, the show yesterday featured the former high school quarterback standout Paul McKerrow, who is now Kimberly Reed, and is indeed a lesbian, and in a relationship with her partner Claire.

Kimberly has produced a documentary, described as "Superb" (San Francisco Chronicle), "Jaw dropping" (The Independent), "Exceptional" (the Village Voice), "Amazing" (Variety), about her and her brother, called Prodigal Sons.

Here she is in an interview taped during the 2009 Florida Film Festival about the movie.

Prodigal Sons is not yet scheduled for viewing here, but there are screenings in Atlanta and other cities. Dates can be found on the web site.

A/X and Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is this weekend, and advertisers are trying to target the LGBT market, it seems.

I have a few comments about the Armani Exchange ad, which appears as a 10 foot poster in the window of their stores.

1. Nobody I know is celebrating Valentine's Day with anyone who looks like any of these people.

2. We've seen more skin and sex than this in many hetero ads for clothing, perfume and beer. Abercrombie, Marky name a couple.

3. A mother's support group is claiming the ads "poison children with 10 foot posters that are nothing but soft porn." No, not teaching your children about the diversity of humanity is poisoning them with bigotry and in some cases, hatred.

4. One of the comments about this poster at the link above: "Posters like the AX ones are needed, to help us remember that people are not made of society – society is made of people. And people, in all their combinations, must come first."

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