The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cleophus King announces

Cleophus King has announced his intention to run for Bessemer City Council district 7 with the creation of a facebook fan page where he has listed some of his priorities for the city and the district.

District 7 includes my neighborhood as well as other areas including Jonesboro.

Here are some highlights of his priorities:
  • Support neighborhood beautification and revitalization of downtown district.
  • Stimulate economic growth in under served areas in the city.
  • Seek to develop a more effective relationship with school board officials to provide our youth with keys to success, implement things that will cultivate their talents for a higher education.
  • Fight for better police protection in our neighborhoods.
  • Expand the neighborhood watch program all over district seven.
  • Hold district meetings to ensure Pubic Safety is Priority One.

I have spoken with Cleophus about his candidacy and about working with the current or future leadership in the city. I plan to meet with him to learn more specifics about the issues.

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Anonymous said...

Cleophis? Really? Sounds like a councilman of Bessemer's name.