The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Health care reform; polls and such

Brief note. AL-05 congressman Parker Griffith announced his intention to switch from the Democrat to the Republican Party.

This switch will have little effect since he votes like a Republican all the time anyway, and the Democrats will still have a substantial majority in the House.

Health care reform

Support for health care reform is stronger than has been reported. Many of those polled who indicated they do not support the current plan, said so because they feel it does not go far enough.

This memo shows the results of several polls, all graphed with cute graphics that I couldn't copy. So I will describe. You can click on the link to see the graphs.

An Ipsos/McClatchy poll from November showed that 34% support the bill, 35% oppose, saying it goes too far, 12% oppose saying it doesn't go far enough and 20% are unsure. That means that 46% really support it, if it comes down to it.

A CNN poll from November showed that the public strongly supports individual components of the plan. 75% support expanding Medicaid, 73% support a large and mid-size employer mandate, 67 % support income tax (increase) on the wealthy, 76% support subsidies for the middle or lower class, 60% support banning rescissions, and 60% support banning denial due to pre-existing conditions.

When the entire plan is presented, support is strong. This statement was presented:

This plan would require every American citizen to have health insurance
and require large employers to provide coverage to their employees. It
would require insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing
conditions and prevent them from dropping coverage for people who get
sick, while providing incentives for affordable preventive care. Individuals
and small businesses that do not have coverage would be able to select a
private insurance plan from a range of options sold on a National
Insurance Exchange. Lower and middle income people would receive
subsidies to help them afford insurance, while those individuals who like
the coverage they already have will be able to keep their current plan.

Louisianans supported this 57 to 38%. Seniors in Maine supported it 54-36.

All this leaves us feeling pretty good looking ahead to the 2010 elections, when more progressives need to be elected to avoid the effects of lone wolf types like Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what percentage of that 67% who support a tax increase on the wealthy were actually wealthy. That is insanity. Increase taxes on the wealthy. Provide subsidies for the lower class. Mandates for mid-size employers.

Our elected officials have lost their minds.

Joe said...

See anonymous. Some people who are wealthy actually care about others. Bill and Melinda Gates were interviewed the other day and said they didn't mind a tax increase.

I'm not wealthy but I don't mind a little more of my money going to help others.

I guess there's just a difference between the stingy Republicans and the generous Democrats.

Anonymous said...

It's not a Right and Left issue as you make everything! It's the fact that the country is in a economic tailspin and idiots in Washington want to take more money from the middle class to pay for health insurance for other middle class people. What if you had no money to feed yourself or your children? As soon as you got a littel money would give it to someone else who has nothing before taking care of the needs of your family? No, you would not! And if are and idiot!

Joe said...

Anonymous. You sound as though you are having a joyful christmas...Not!

Pay attention to the news. The economy is in a complete recovery. Numbers out today and over the last week show it.

Be joyful. Be generous.

I have been in a position of little or no money, the worst was when I was in college. But I did not abandon my friends who were less well off than me.

Jesus said to put others before yourself.

Anonymous said...

Others to include my family? I don't think Jesus wants my family to starve or wants me to give to others before my family! Bend the word of God to fit your agenda why don't you.