The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Racism Still Hanging On in Birmingham

Racism is still a presence in the Birmingham area (see the picture below).

We spent Saturday at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the 16th Street Baptist Church at "Celebrate Unity," the New Baptist Covenant event, where we heard Wayne Flynt speak and lead a discussion on the origins of poverty in Alabama and in the world. Later we heard President Jimmy Carter speak and remind us that if we, as individuals, would just love God, and love the person standing in front (or beside) us, then the world would be a much better place.

The New Baptist Covenant is all about bringing black Baptists and white Baptists together to address the problems that face our country today. Poverty, for instance. As an example of working together, 16th Street Baptist has paired up with Vestavia Hills Baptist and share in worship and ministries.

You cannot go into the 16th Street Baptist Church without being reminded of the history of the place. Even if the four girls were not killed there the building would still be a historic site, being the oldest black church in the city and a place where numerous meetings occurred during the civil rights struggle.

Here is a picture of the stained glass window, which, had the face of Jesus blown out during the bombing.

So in Birmingham the Baptists are promoting unity, but a day of celebration cannot hide the fact that racists are still among us. This was photographed recently where it could be seen from I-65 near Green Springs Avenue.

One person's comment in the email that I received this in was "Some of these idiots still show their cowardice ignorance by hiding behind sheets and cloaks of darkness....."

There is still so much work to be done. One thing we can rely on, though, is that the old racists are slowly dying off. The young people, for the most part, reject the hatred of the previous generations. The world is becoming a better place.


Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this Joe. But Racism is alive and well and growing at one of the local high schools. Many of the young black men/women at this school are causing many thoughts of racism to emerge in their fellow classmates. I hear about it almost every day. Of course it doesn't help that 2 of the Lipscomb 4 attended this same high school.

Anonymous said...

Good gosh Joe what do you want? We have a black president, a black mayor, most of our major metro areas in the country have black Mayors, most of our athletes are black, most of our most famous musicians and actors are black. Give it up. Racism exists because BLACKS continue to 'cry foul'.

ENOUGH ALREADY. If everybody would ignore the Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's racism would eventually go away. But they 'keep the fires burning'.

And do you.


Joe said...

Are you a frickin idiot? I don't often name call, but when I recognize something I call it.

What makes you think, from that post, that I "want" anything? I am not the one who hung the banner.

A mere mention that blacks and whites are worshiping together, is that what set you off? Or are you all for hiding behind sheets and tormenting others?

What is wrong with saying the younger generation rejects the racist attitudes of the past? What is wrong with hoping for a better world?

Blaming the victim is what you are doing. That is like blaming a rape victim for being raped. That don't cut it anymore around here. Just as a rape victim, regardless of how she dresses or acts, does not deserve to be raped, neither does a black person, regardless of how he or she acts or what they say, deserve to be intimidated or threatened. This is not 1965 (see tomorrow's blog post if you don't understand that), even though I am 100% sure that you wish it was.

Anonymous said...

I will agree that some leaders continue to stoke the fires for their personal gain and wealth. However, to say that "racism exists because blacks continue to cry foul" is ridiculous. Racism exists because, deep down, most everyone feels better when they are able to make themselves feel superior over someone else. Some people use race as their excuse to look down on someone. Others of course use nationality, wealth, lack of wealth, geographic area of country of birth (heck any reason really), etc.

I was always amused (if that is the right word) by my relatives who would talk negativity about blacks. They would call them lazy and violent. Of course these same people couldn't hold a job and several have prison /jail terms for violent acts. Somehow they were able to ignore that fact.

Joe said...

This is what I said:
"The New Baptist Covenant is all about bringing black Baptists and white Baptists together to address the problems that face our country today. Poverty, for instance. As an example of working together, 16th Street Baptist has paired up with Vestavia Hills Baptist and share in worship and ministries."

They are not "wandering" into each others churches begging and stealing.

You said: "I think the church segregation is mutual - both sides want it that way."

I agree, they may want it that way. But it is not the way Jesus would have wanted it. And no one is forcing them to worship together, they are doing it for mutual benefit.

Anonymous said...

I served in a pastoral position in a Hueytown church for several years. I never once saw a black person "wander" into the church to "beg" or even to ask for assistance. We did have many white families come in to ask for clothing, food, money and toys for their kids at Christmas. The church is supposed to be charitable. Color does not matter. Any human being in need should be able to find help from those that call themselves Christian.

And Joe, Lyn's link from their screen name leads to a racist website. Just a heads up.

Joe said...

Thanks Oh Brother for the heads up. I usually try to check those things out. I deleted the comment because of the link.

Joe said...

Oh Brother's comment and my comment jsut before his were referring to a comment that I deleted that linked to a racist website. The person commenting had claimed blacks were wandering into white churches begging and stealing. That is what our responses are referring to.

Anonymous said...

I think that if everyone would who claims to be a christian would do as the Lord says and love thy neighbor racism would not be around. Therefore, people need to quit being hypocrites and the world would be a better place.