The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Michelle Obama in Birmingham

I am fortunate to have seen Michelle Obama twice now. She is a passionate speaker, and a lovely lady. Bobby and I first saw her in Las Vegas on the day before the 2008 election, as we were asked to stand on the risers behind the speakers that day.

She returned to Birmingham for a fundraiser yesterday, but also to revisit as promised after  the tornadoes of last year. She visited Camp Noah in Pratt City where the kids loved her!

As with all presidential events security was tight, and lines were long. I ran across these two nice looking gentlemen holding a painting of the First Lady that they had created together. Good work, men.

Tavaris and Torris Daniel with their painting of Michelle Obama.

Tavaris and Torris have a web site, but that is off the subject.

I didn't see the painting inside the event, so I guess they weren't allowed to carry it in.

UPDATE: Tavaris tells me they did take the painting in and it was presented to the First Lady and was kept backstage. 

Birmingham Mayor William Bell spoke. State Representative Merika Coleman spoke. Congresswoman Terri Sewell (AL-07) spoke, "I am the only person in congress that knew both Barack Obama and and Michelle Obama before they knew each other." (paraphrase)

Then, in somewhat of a surprise, the daughter of former Alabama Governor George Wallace, Peggy Wallace Kennedy (wife of Justice Mark Kennedy, Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party) introduced the First Lady. Here is the uncut raw video of Michelle Obama's remarks to the crowd.

Here is a cute video of a video they showed prior to the event. I didn't get the entire thing, but this is the lady that started the "Fired Up, Ready to go" chant.

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countrycat said...

The painting did make it inside! I was on the front row, to the right & that was the curtain where the SS agents & others came in and out. Sherry noticed the painting backstage at the end of the event when they were taking Mrs. Obama back that way after shaking hands. We tried to get a photo, but the SS got in the way as they all went backstage.

Glad to know where the painting came from and that they painters managed to deliver it!