The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Norfolk Southern, McCalla's new neighbor

This morning McCalla's new neighbor moved in. Norfolk Southern held a groundbreaking for the $97 million (of which $52 million is federal stimulus money*), CO2 decreasing (193,000 fewer tons annually), fuel saving (17.4 million fewer gallons consumed annually), job creating (8,600 over the next decade, 13,000 by 2030), congestion relieving (saving $59.1 million in savings annually), first reported here (July 2009), Birmingham Regional Intermodal Facility.

Here is the rail line, looking west from McAshan Drive, that will be part of the facility.

Here are dignitary pictures.

Governor Robert Bentley flanked by Senators Priscilla Dunn and Cam Ward.

Bessemer leaders Council members Cleo King and Sherrina Rice-Franklin and
Mayor Kenneth Gulley

Representative Allen Farley, Senator Priscilla Dunn, Eloise Rosser and
Governor Robert Bentley

Eloise Rosser is the former owner of the property on which the groundbreaking occurred. She and her husband ran a farm here for decades.

Mayor Kenneth Gulley, Senator Priscilla Dunn and Governor Robert Bentley

Norfolk Southern CEO Wick Moorman and Governor Robert Bentley

Here is a picture of the proposed facility.

The general consensus among the elected officials and others who spoke is that Norfolk Southern will be a good neighbor, as they have been at other locations where they have completed projects.

NS CEO Wick Moorman said "We will be a positive addition to the community."

Governor Bentley said, "This is a perfect example of cooperation between local, state and federal governments."

The project is expected to be completed during the 4th quarter of 2012.

*I include this because the McCalla residents (the overly vocal ones, not all of them) said they didn't want the federal money and didn't want the hub. Of course, they are mostly tea party types that don't want any federal money. Unless its their Medicare. Or their VA benefits. Or their farm subsidies. Or their Social Security. Or anything else that directly benefits them.

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