The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, February 10, 2011


How embarrassing for the people of Iowa.

I'm sure there are Republicans in Alabama who are just as uneducated, but at least (so far) we haven't seen them on national TV making fools of themselves.

No, we can leave that up to homophobic law enforcement officials and Gardendale lawmakers and the elitist Vestavia Hills City Council and racist college students in Tuscaloosa.

But I have two questions for the people of Iowa in this video.

What if I said I believed you were Muslim? You would respond, I'm sure, "No I'm not, I'm Christian."

But I wouldn't believe you. Because, according to this video, there is no reason to believe what one says about their religious beliefs.

My other question is, so what? What if a president or a senator or a teacher or a doctor is a Muslim? Who cares?

Remember, this is America. We value diversity. We value religious freedom. We value our other freedoms.

I don't know what kind of America these people want. But we are in the 21st century. They can stay in the 20th or 19th century if they want, but they are not going to drag me or the rest of America back with them.

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Anonymous said...

And the quote about how liberalism is the most intolerant 'religion'. The hypocrisy and ignorance within that statement leaves me nearly speechless.