The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, August 10, 2009

A call for violence?

Are these looney people who are disrupting the town hall meetings unknowingly (or knowingly) calling for violence?

Sarah Palin is right in there with them, with her completely made up "death panels" comments.

Here, Frank Schaeffer, son of evangelist Francis Schaeffer, says there is a coded message, "leaving a loaded gun on the table, the first person who wants to come along and use this, be our guest..."

And when it happens, as he says, it will be too late.

A sign at one Town Hall meeting said this: (h/t to Left in Alabama )

African American President
Latina Supreme Court Justice
Get Over It!
One thing I realized over the last few days is that there are rednecks all over the country. These particular rednecks are angry because their white world has been rocked. They have always been about violence to get their way, remember the KKK, so why would we not think they are advocating violence now?
However, we just have to wait and see how this plays out. In the meantime, the foolish racist republicans are making a laughing stock of themselves. A little therapy or medication could help to control some this immature acting out we are seeing. And their party continues to shrink...I mean, would you want to join a group that has no self control, and is angry all the time?

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bhamdaniel said...

Socialist or Nazi? Apparently these anti-freedom of speech folks have no idea of their own on how to provide much needed and long overdue health care reform. All they seem to know is how to yell and rant and only as advised to do. I voted for change and change in our current inadequate health care system was a major part of all that. We've waited long enough. And to quote Dr. Martin L. King, "[just] How long is too long?" I just wonder what would have happened had those from the liberal left spent 8 years heckling and ranting at every opportunity, whenever that former president made a speech, a town visit or held a news conference
(as rare as those were)? Maybe all along we should have just been throwing shoes at Bush, or would that have convicted us as terrorists?!?