The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr, and the Western Star

A letter in the Feb 14, 2007 issue of the Westen Star, titled M. L. King, No American Hero, does everything it can to degrade Martin Luther King, Jr. The letter claims that King was affiliated with over 60 communist organizations and that his "dream" was to convert the U.S. to a communist nation. The letter writer says that "King's legacy is one of deceit, sexual immorality, dishonor, scandal, untruthfulness, cheating and disloyalty." He goes on to predict that the real King will be exposed in 2027 when King's files, tapes and documents are unsealed. The letter is signed "Travis Baldwin, Bessemer."

Why would the Western star print this letter, that does nothing except to attempt to degrade an American hero? Yet it refuses to print the letter I submitted weeks ago that disagreed with their opinion on president Bush. I think it's obvious...their "agenda" is showing. They just want it to be known that there are conservatives of their ilk out there, and they think its OK to stir up a controversy when the one in question is a respected African American, but not when it focuses on the paper or its editor.


Anonymous said...

I can't decide if the new management at the Star is stupid or just incredibly lazy, but I'm willing to put my money on the latter. A curiosity about your surroundings is essential to good journalism. Sometimes I wonder if the Western Star's editor even knows what town the paper is published in.

Anonymous said...

I feel the Western Star does an incredible job providing newsworthy events to the community. The new editor is an extremely talented writer and has assembled a great staff that strives to cover the Bessemer area. Maybe the critics of the Bessemer area should give the new management and staff an opportunity to showcase thier talents and news reporting. Commend them when they do something right - it goes a long way!
I have read the Star for 6 years and I think it looks better now than it ever has - credit Mr. Jones with that! Covering news is not easy especially when you have a small staff covering a large area. Give them a chance!
So, Mr. Jones, if you are reading this, congratulations on the great job you are doing and keep up the great work!
- Western Star Supporter

Anonymous said...

I would be curious to know if Mr. Jones will admit to his misinformation and misunderstanding of homosexuality, especially in the matter of choice. He would be doing his readers a service to let them know the facts in the matter rather than repeating prejudicial homophobic remarks.

Jennifer (Errett) Robinson said...

These are a few of my opinions in regards to Dale and the Western Star.
#1- Denegrading Dr Martin Luther King'a legacy is tasteless. #2- Yes, the appearance of the WS has improved but the content has gotten less and less. You'd think there was nothing to report on. Opinions are very narrow-minded and do not represent the people of "urban" Bessemer. (It may represent the one's who ran from Bessemer many years ago.) #3- why so much anti-gay and pro-Bush excerpts? It just doesn't seem like objective reporting. It feels like its "your" paper and we have to take what you force-feed. #4- I am part of the BHHA and I send in monthly community calendar notices for our meetings. You may not care to publish anything from me personally BUT the BHHA is absolutely not politically or religiously affiliated and your paper should not "shun" the BHHA just because I am submitting the notices.

Joe, this is a fun blog and I enjoy reading your insights and other's comments. At least you are not selective in who is allowed to have an opposing opinion!